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The bicycle itineraries in Israel are vast and offer a pleasant urban ride to a cross country tour, from bike paths for the whole family to extreme off road routes. Israel has something for anyone who loves to ride. Some of routes are day rides, and some cross country. These routes are to give a general idea of all the options available. All of these options can be modified to fit an individual’s taste.

Hereby intrudaction for a 7 day cross Israel tour north to south

Day 1

Rosh Ha-Nikra border crossing, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Follow the coast through Achziv into Nahariya. Keep following the coastline through the town and head south towards Acre (Akko). From Acre turn inland towards the farm lanes of Kfar Masarik, through the Ein Nimfit nature reserve towards the town of Shefaram. From Shefaram, continue south towards the organic farm Harduf, from there go on the dirt road leading to Nofit. Continue on the road to Rachasim and Kfar Hasidim at the foot of Mt. Carmel. Follow the road into Nesher and climb up the north side of the Mountain. 
Over night at the top of the Carmel (Beit Oren, Carmel Forest, Daliat El Carmel, Haifa).

Day 2 

Head south on the ridge of the Carmel towards Isfiya and Daliat El Carmel (road # 672). Climb up to the Horn of Mt. Carmel. From there, descend towards Elyakim and Even Yitzhak. Follow the service road to Giv'at Nili and head south to Regavim and Ein Eron to the Border Police Memorial. Take road # 574 south towards road # 581 into the Hefer Valley. Turn into Ometz and follow the back roads through Bat Hefer to road # 57. Follow #57 west until reaching the “Israel Trail”.  Follow the dirt road along the “Israel Trail” south; pass the outskirts of the Hefer agricultural communities, around the towns Tira, Kfar Sava and Hod Ha-Sharon reaching the sources of the Yarkon at the Afek Park (Antipatrus). 
Over night in the Petah Tikva Youth Hostel.

Day 3 

Leave Rosh Ha-Ain following road # 444 to road # 443 towards Ben Shemen. From Ben Shemen, head towards the ancient cities of Lod and Ramle. From Ramle, head east on road # 424 through the Ayalon Valley to Latrun. Follow the old “Burma Road” (dirt road) along the rolling Judean hills to Mesilat Zion. Head to the village of Eshta'ol to road # 395 and start climbing to the hills of Jerusalem. Climb up to Ramat Raziel, towards the Sataf springs, descend to the Sorek valley and enter Jerusalem through Ein Kerem.

Off road option - From Mesilat Zion follow the dirt road through the “Bnei Brith” forest towards Mevaseret Zion and take the road to the Sataf, from there, follow the road to Ein Kerem. 

Overnight in Jerusalem. An additional day or two is recommended in order to tour the city.

Day 4 

Leave Jerusalem through Ein Kerem and follow road # 386 climbing to the southern part of the Jerusalem hills to Bar Giora. From Bar Giora, turn east on road # 3866 towards Beit Shemesh. From Beit Shemesh take road # 38 across the Judean plains to Lakhish. Enter the ruins of Lakhish and go south on the dirt road leading into the plains of the northern Negev, to the town of Lahav. From Lahav head east to road # 60 and take it south past Omer into Be'er Sheva, the capital of the Negev. 
Overnight in Be'er Sheva.

Day 5

Follow the desert road # 40 south out of Be'er Sheva. Pass the rolling hills of the Negev, pass the kibbutzim of Mash'abei Sade and Tlalim to Sde Boker, the desert home of David Ben Gurion and the Desert Research Center, of Ben Gurion University. Pass the dry riverbed of the Zin Valley, pass the ancient city of Avdat and climb towards Mitspe Ramon. 
Overnight at  Mitspe Ramon or the Ramon Crater.

Day 6

Leave the Crater south on road # 40. Cross the dry riverbeds of the central Negev heading south. Pass the Roman lookout at Pharan and continue south to Tsihor Junction. Continue south along the rolling desert hills, pass the Shitim alternative healing center to Shizafon. 
Overnight in Neot Smadar/ Yaelon/ Neve Harif/ Shahrut/ Nahal Shitim.

Day 7 

Follow road # 12 southwest across the Sayarim plains. Reach the Israeli- Egyptian border road and continue south. Follow the road up and down Mt. Uziahu, Mt. Hizkiahu, and Mt. Yoram, where you will get a first glimpse of the Red Sea. Follow the road southeast heading down into the city of Eilat. 

Off road option- from Shizafon Jct. follow the service road south to Shaharut. Exit Shaharut and follow the dirt roads around Mt. Berch into the Eilat Mountains nature reserve until reaching the border road. From there continue into Eilat.

Overnight in Eilat 


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